Creating and sending emails. Could it get any easier?

Define the campaign
1. Define the campaign

Name your campaign, define the subject line, set the ‘from name,’ ‘from address,’ and the ‘reply-to address.’ Red Ember takes care of the messy stuff like bounces and unsubscribes and we make it easy for your subscribers to forward your email to others.

Select a template
2. Select a template

We’re all about options – Ember Mail includes several standard templates to choose from. We can also customize them, convert your HTML design to a template, or craft a unique design from scratch just for you!

Edit the template content
3. Edit the content

Templates make editing your great-looking emails easy! The simple WYSIWYG editor gives you complete control over font formatting, links, images, and headers. Add as many sections as you need! It couldn’t be easier!

Schedule for delivery - now or later
4. Schedule for delivery

Once your content is entered, send yourself a test and check it out. Then, send your campaign to your list immediately or schedule it for delivery at a later time. You can pre-plan your communications and schedule them to be sent automatically!

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Managing your custom email content just got a whole lot easier!

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