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monthly pricing
Monthly Pricing

If you send out email campaigns more frequently, monthly pricing is the way to go. You receive a generous sending limit (about 5x the number of contacts) and your monthly price is based on the number of your contacts.

unlimited monthly pricing
Monthly Unlimited Sending

Have more emails to send than the standard monthly pricing allows? Unlimited sending means you don't have to worry about limits, and like the standard monthly accounts, pricing is based on your number of contacts.

Only pay for emails you send
Only pay for the emails you send!

No monthly fees, no hidden fees, no limit to your subscription list, just straight-forward pricing.
Just $10 per campaign + 2 cents per email.
Volume discounts are available

$10 email testing
Eliminate the hassles of email testing! (yeah, we know... whoo-hoo!)

Not all email clients handle HTML, images or CSS the same way, so testing can be a major hassle.  For the cost of lunch, you can see how your email looks in more than 20 email clients and get a spam report.

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