Managing subscriber lists with easy-to-use forms & segments.

Simple subscriber list import
Simple import and export tools for subscriber lists

Our import tool makes it simple to add an existing list to your EmberMail account.  Duplicates are automatically removed for you and we even keep track of who unsubscribed and bounced - removing the risk of annoying your subscribers with unwanted email.

Subscribe and unsubscribe forms
Subscribe and unsubscribe forms for your website

Capture your leads on your website by having them sign up for your email communications. EmberMail makes the process easy with cut-and-paste forms. You can customize the landing and thank you pages so visitors never have to leave your site to sign up.

Customize the subscribe process
Customize the sign up process with emails and landing pages

For each list, you can customize the subscription process by controlling the page visitors are redirected to after signing up. You can design your own autoresponse email (HTML or plain text) is sent when the form is submitted.

Segment subscribers for targeting
Segment subscribers for organization & targeting

In addition to managing multiple lists, you can also segment your subscribers for better organization email customization and targeted messaging. Ideas for segments include special offers for frequent purchasers, regional events, gender based messages, or reminders for people that didn’t click in a campaign.

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